Sunday, February 18, 2007

I Wonder Is This The Legitimate Way For Telekom Malaysia To Make Money?

Can Telekom Malaysia Assign Services To Customers Without Permission?

I was amused by the way Telekom Malaysia handle the way they assign charged services to their customers. I am one of their customers since I am using their broadband services.

I did not request for a voice mail for my 2 lines but yet was assign to it without my knowledge and permission. You can call it spamming. The problem starts when someone calls me, and when I am busy on call or after 11 rings, the call will be automatically transferred to an answering machine. Ouch! that cost money to the it from another fixed line or a mobile.

The problem is that I did not request for the services but yet being thrown us the unrequested silly service and being charged for it! I am wondering is this the way Telekom Malaysia make money since they are having enormous competition from the mobile operators?

Imagine how much they make illegally( I call it this way cause it was done without permission) per day....... Let's say they have 2,000,000 fixed lines and with the current bull run market on average each line contribute 10 unanswered calls and each voice mail cost 10cents. How much Telekom Malaysia make illegally. You do the math

They have certainly broken the Consumer Laws in this instance! I will certainly update you how our Government handle this case since our Government is a major shareholder in the national Telco.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Does A Former Minister Statement Counts?

I Am Confuse The Way A Minister Look At Promises!

Initially when our Malaysian Government entice our citizens to convert our Identity Card to MyKad by offering gifts as lucky draw, I was very amused. But then we can't do much cause the statement came from a Minister.

Then when the issue of non fulfilment of promises arise, a new Minister in the portfolio said the lucky draw was a rubbish thing. True enough we as Malaysian should not use the excuse of changing to MyKad because of the lucky draw but I feel a Promise is a Promise.

I wonder what to listen when another Minister were to make a ridicule statement next? Are we suppose to follow or to ignore? read more...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Where Is The justice?

Is Our Law Protecting The Rich And Powerful?

Case 1: Two Dato' (Sir) has been sentenced to 10 years each for a CBT(Criminal Breach of Trust). Story here.... Worst, they were been entrusted with the money of millions of Muslim pilgrims.

Case 2: A 40-year-old cobbler was jailed seven months and ordered to be whipped once for shoplifting. Story here.... .

For case 1:
-both involved in the conning of RM200,000,000.00(USD57,142,857.00) could escape jail term much earlier than 10 years and with good behavior in account, maybe they will be let off in half the time and without whipped.

For case 2:
-he shoplifted RM16.50 (USD4.70) worth of milk powder! Jail 7 months or less and whipped.

Where is the justice in sentencing of the 2 cases?

I am not sure how the 2 Dato's family enjoying the loot but I am pretty sure the cobbler's 3 children will suffer further.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mat Rempit (Hell Riders) In Malaysia

What's Going On Here?

There seems to be some cover-up on this issue. Our Sultan has broken the silence on this. Ministers and Chief Ministers too. The proof here....

It seems that's nothing much the authorities has done till now. They rob, mob, threatened, 'vigra-rized', rape and even kill. They are the scum of the society. They even dared the police.

What have the police done about it? Using a soft approach? Give in to them? Pester them to join UMNO so that they can become a better youth? Read here.... I think the 'think-tanker' has not done their homework to think mature enough.

Or nobody wants to be unpopular to carry out the Law. Something is not right here. I had a friend who reported a hit and rob case by Mat Rempit on Penang Bridge recently. The Police officer in charge said it is normal and they can't do anything about it. NORMAL???? RUBBISH ANSWER.... Do they mean they are at the mercy of the Mat Rempit? Who is the Police?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Is This The Savior For Malaysians?

I Hope He Will Fight Till The End And Not Let In Any Political Influence

I am pretty happy to note what our highest Government Secretary said on the buck up of Government Servants.

I agree to his statement but I am a little skeptical on his performance. But let's give him a chance to prove it. Continue here....

Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Week To Get Your Mail Delivered Within KL?

Come On Mr.Postman. Even A Snail Could Do Better Than This.

I got really terrified by the speed of our Pos Malaysia. Read here....

What is happening to this yet to be privatised arm from Ministry of Telecommunications? It doesn't make sense at all.

Is Pos Malaysia making this as an excuse to promote their Pos Laju which they can charge higher for the service?

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

News Leaders: Please Be Responsible To The World

Sickening Videos

The Hanging of Saddam Hussein was captured on a mobile camera phone.

Subsequently the video was published to the whole world.

The person who capture the execution is sick.

The Medias who claimed to be sensible are the sickening ones. How on earth could they publish those videos?
What are their motives to publish it to the world?
Aren't they having the same mentality to the terrorist who filmed the 2 beheaded Journalist some time ago?

Media should play an important peace role and not instigating hatred.....

Read more on the person who leak the videos..

Monday, January 1, 2007

Air Asia In The International Front

New Low Fare Airline Made It Better Than Government Backed Airline

I guess our MAS has a lot to learn from the new comer to the airline Industry.

Air Asia started from scratch. Tony Fernandez the founder. I really admire his visions and entrepreneurship. Although he faced the lost of problem at the initial start up, he managed to weather the storms to emerge as 1 of the top LCC in the world.

Bravo Tony. Now he is standing side by side with Richard Branson (aka. Donald Trump to Real Estate Developer) in the worlds' most promising LCC deals.

Seems like his motto of 'Now Everybody Can Fly' will be materialize soon.

Read more here....

Truth Prevails

Sometimes This Isn't What You Want To Hear

But I am telling the truth. Only the truth will make this a better world for us to dwell.

I come across many occasions to my encounter which from my point of view is really ridiculous and madness. Many of these times. There are hidden agendas which sometimes can't be reason with simple logic.

These Leaders were our nominees during election. Why is there a sudden turn of Principles from these leaders? Money or Power driven? Or arm twisted? What ever it is, I am going reveal their ethics....

Happy Reading and Happy New Year