Sunday, February 18, 2007

I Wonder Is This The Legitimate Way For Telekom Malaysia To Make Money?

Can Telekom Malaysia Assign Services To Customers Without Permission?

I was amused by the way Telekom Malaysia handle the way they assign charged services to their customers. I am one of their customers since I am using their broadband services.

I did not request for a voice mail for my 2 lines but yet was assign to it without my knowledge and permission. You can call it spamming. The problem starts when someone calls me, and when I am busy on call or after 11 rings, the call will be automatically transferred to an answering machine. Ouch! that cost money to the it from another fixed line or a mobile.

The problem is that I did not request for the services but yet being thrown us the unrequested silly service and being charged for it! I am wondering is this the way Telekom Malaysia make money since they are having enormous competition from the mobile operators?

Imagine how much they make illegally( I call it this way cause it was done without permission) per day....... Let's say they have 2,000,000 fixed lines and with the current bull run market on average each line contribute 10 unanswered calls and each voice mail cost 10cents. How much Telekom Malaysia make illegally. You do the math

They have certainly broken the Consumer Laws in this instance! I will certainly update you how our Government handle this case since our Government is a major shareholder in the national Telco.

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