Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mat Rempit (Hell Riders) In Malaysia

What's Going On Here?

There seems to be some cover-up on this issue. Our Sultan has broken the silence on this. Ministers and Chief Ministers too. The proof here....

It seems that's nothing much the authorities has done till now. They rob, mob, threatened, 'vigra-rized', rape and even kill. They are the scum of the society. They even dared the police.

What have the police done about it? Using a soft approach? Give in to them? Pester them to join UMNO so that they can become a better youth? Read here.... I think the 'think-tanker' has not done their homework to think mature enough.

Or nobody wants to be unpopular to carry out the Law. Something is not right here. I had a friend who reported a hit and rob case by Mat Rempit on Penang Bridge recently. The Police officer in charge said it is normal and they can't do anything about it. NORMAL???? RUBBISH ANSWER.... Do they mean they are at the mercy of the Mat Rempit? Who is the Police?

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Jee Kin said...

Mat Rempit, Shit! Their parents are neglecting them so, let them ride to HELL man.I suppose the police are also scared of them.