Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Where Is The justice?

Is Our Law Protecting The Rich And Powerful?

Case 1: Two Dato' (Sir) has been sentenced to 10 years each for a CBT(Criminal Breach of Trust). Story here.... Worst, they were been entrusted with the money of millions of Muslim pilgrims.

Case 2: A 40-year-old cobbler was jailed seven months and ordered to be whipped once for shoplifting. Story here.... .

For case 1:
-both involved in the conning of RM200,000,000.00(USD57,142,857.00) could escape jail term much earlier than 10 years and with good behavior in account, maybe they will be let off in half the time and without whipped.

For case 2:
-he shoplifted RM16.50 (USD4.70) worth of milk powder! Jail 7 months or less and whipped.

Where is the justice in sentencing of the 2 cases?

I am not sure how the 2 Dato's family enjoying the loot but I am pretty sure the cobbler's 3 children will suffer further.

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